HIDDEN HISTORY! Obama is actually not the first bi-racial fascist.

Given Obamas statism one might think that perhaps he is the first bi-racial fascist.

However that dubious distinction goes to one of Obamas bi-racial statist fascist fore-runners: Lawrence Dennis.

Lawrence Dennis was, arguably, the brains behind American fascism. He attended the Nuremberg rallies, had a personal audience with Mussolini, and met Nazi leaders; throughout the 1930s he provided the intellectual ballast for America’s bourgeoning pro-fascist movement. But though his work was well known and well appreciated by the intelligentsia and political elites on both sides of the Atlantic, there was one crucial fact about him that has never emerged until now: he was black.


How is Obama, beside his obvious statism, collectivism and nationalism (Black Nationalism to be precise), linked to fascism?  He uses the same slogans as Benito Mussolini!!!

Here is Mussolini with the slogan ‘Avanti’, which translates into: Forward.

Mussolini even had a newspaper called ‘Avanti’: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avanti!_(Italian_newspaper)

And here is Obama with a political slogan poster with the exact same slogan: Forward!

1.) Lawrence Dennis was the first bi-racial fascist.

2.) Mussolini used the slogan ‘Avanti’ (forward)

3.) Obama is the 2nd bi-racial fascist who even uses the same slogans as Mussolini!!!


The Reptilian Agenda: How much does Skrillex know?

The great David Icke has set forth his knowledge about what has become known as the Reptilian Agenda:

According to British writer David Icke, 5- to 12-foot (1.5–3.7 m) tall, blood-drinking, shape-shifting reptilian humanoids from the Alpha Draconis star system, now hiding in underground bases, are the force behind a worldwide conspiracy against humanity.[7] He contends that most of the world’s leaders are related to these reptilians, including George W. Bush of the United States, and Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.


These powerful beings often pop up in Popular Culture.  Famously, the late Jim Morrison of the Doors sang about so-called “Lizard Kings”.


Now it appears the Reptilians are surfacing once again amongst the newest generation of musicians: Skrillex and his song ‘Reptile Theme’!!!!

Apparently this is the theme song for a massively violent character from the infamous “Mortal Kombat’ series!  This fits right in with the negative vibrations that Reptilians appear to thrive on:

They use human fear, guilt, and aggression as energy. “Thus we have the encouragement of wars,” he wrote in 1999, “human genocide, the mass slaughter of animals, sexual perversions which create highly charged negative energy, and black magic ritual and sacrifice which takes place on a scale that will stagger those who have not studied the subject.”


Is the Obama Regime planning a sinister operation against the American People?

Obama has gathered unto himself massive powers compared to past Presidents.

This also includes the Right to Kill USA citizens without any due process of law!!!

The American Civil Liberties Union states in its website, “A program of targeted killing far from any battlefield, without charge or trial, violates the constitutional guarantee of due process. It also violates international law, under which lethal force may be used outside armed conflict zones only as a last resort to prevent imminent threats, when non-lethal means are not available. Targeting people who are suspected of terrorism for execution, far from any war zone, turns the whole world into a battlefield.”


However it appears the Regime in place in Washington D.C. may be preparing to take such ‘targeted killings’ to a much wider scope:

Is the government preparing for civil unrest by amassing stockpiles of ammunition purchased through various government agencies such as the National Weather Service to complement purchases made through the Department of Homeland Security?

solicitation appearing on the FedBizOps website asks for delivery of 46,000 rounds of .40 S&W JHP to the National Weather Service in various locations on the East Coast along with a request for 500 paper targets. This follows a previous DHS purchase of 450 million rounds of .40 hollow point ammunition back in March. It should be noted that hollow point ammunition has been “illegal in international warfare since 1899.”


Lets see here, targeted killings alright… need more ammo… this appears to be heading somewhere very dark and dangerous…

As the Holidays roll around and the NWO End Game may be upon us, Conspiracy Theorists may wish to heed the advice of the late Bill Cooper:

The patriot data bank is constantly updated so that, when the appointed hour arrives, all patriots can be rounded up with little, if any, effort.  The plan calls for this to be accomplished in the dead of night on a national holiday. The most likely holiday is Thanksgiving, when [nearly] everyone, no matter the religion, race, or creed, will be at home.  The targets will be ripe for the picking after a heavy meal, maybe some alcoholic beverages, and during a deep sleep.  There is a traitor in the patriot movement who provides the Secret Government with accurate names and addresses of patriots who will fight to protect and defend the Constitution.”

Cooper concludes with the strongest of all possible warnings:



Has Disinfo Agent Cass Sunstein unleashed one last mind controlled minion???

The timing of this one is too eerie to ignore…

The sinister Cass Sunstein has just left the Obama Regime.  Lets take a look at some of his malodorous offerings:

“Government agents (and their allies) might enter chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine percolating conspiracy theories by raising doubts about their factual premises, causal logic or implications for political action.”[25] 


President Obama’s regulatory chief Cass Sunstein to return to Harvard


Remember Rahm Emanuels devilish dictum to ‘never let a disaster go to waste’

Perhaps Cass Sunstein had one last disinformation operation, this one focused on promoting ‘gun control; before he left for Harvard: OPERATION JAMES HOLMES!!!!

2012 Aurora Shooting: