HIDDEN HISTORY! Obama is actually not the first bi-racial fascist.

Given Obamas statism one might think that perhaps he is the first bi-racial fascist.

However that dubious distinction goes to one of Obamas bi-racial statist fascist fore-runners: Lawrence Dennis.

Lawrence Dennis was, arguably, the brains behind American fascism. He attended the Nuremberg rallies, had a personal audience with Mussolini, and met Nazi leaders; throughout the 1930s he provided the intellectual ballast for America’s bourgeoning pro-fascist movement. But though his work was well known and well appreciated by the intelligentsia and political elites on both sides of the Atlantic, there was one crucial fact about him that has never emerged until now: he was black.


How is Obama, beside his obvious statism, collectivism and nationalism (Black Nationalism to be precise), linked to fascism?  He uses the same slogans as Benito Mussolini!!!

Here is Mussolini with the slogan ‘Avanti’, which translates into: Forward.

Mussolini even had a newspaper called ‘Avanti’: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avanti!_(Italian_newspaper)

And here is Obama with a political slogan poster with the exact same slogan: Forward!

1.) Lawrence Dennis was the first bi-racial fascist.

2.) Mussolini used the slogan ‘Avanti’ (forward)

3.) Obama is the 2nd bi-racial fascist who even uses the same slogans as Mussolini!!!